Face Veil traditions in Judaism and Christianity

Face Veil traditions in Judaism and Christianity

Some examples of  bridal face veils


And here in a Jewish wedding picture, we note that

“The bride usually wears a veil. She should wear long sleeves or gloves. The bridegroom and all other men attending the orthodox or Reform synagogue must wear hats. In orthodox synagogues the women, too, should have their heads covered.”

An outstanding feature of the wedding ceremony


and another Jewish wedding picture of the bride

Remember Rebecca  wore a veil before Issac as in Genesis 24:65

King James 2000 Bible
For she had said unto the servant, What man is this that walks in the field to meet us? And the servant had said, It is my master: therefore she took a veil, and covered herself.



A denomination of Christian nuns who are completely veiled from head to toe.
The point is that the face veil is NOT the inventions of the Muslims, but  practiced where humans value chastity, and the role of marriage in life .



pilgrim nuns climb Rome’s Scala Santa (Holy Steps) on their knees.


Some examples of  funeral face veils

For instance,

Who alive at the time of  the assassination (conspiracy)

of President John F Kennedy, can forget Jackie Kennedy at her husband’s funeral


A Personal Note:

I remember a Christian Assembly of God preacher and missionary, Ron Peck, in the mid western USA state of Missouri, in all honesty and pride of this noble tradition, telling me that his grandmother NEVER went to  church on any Sunday without a full face veil. This speaks volumes about the religious traditions in the USA in the times when modesty, chastity, and propriety were dominate among the people.


See the article

Women In Islam Versus

Women In The Judaeo-Christian Tradition

by Dr. Sherif Abdel Azeem



See the book

Women In Islam & Refutation of Some Common Misconceptions

By AbdurRahman Al-Sheha | Translated By Abu Salman Deya-ud-Deen Eberle
Edited by Jerome Boulter and AbdurRahman Murad

Women In Islam & Refutation of Some Common Misconceptions

By AbdurRahman Al-Sheha | Translated By Abu Salman Deya-ud-Deen Eberle
Edited by Jerome Boulter and AbdurRahman Murad


and for FACE VEIL in Islam see the others pages


and note

Veiled Hindu women during marriage Ceremony


One Response to Face Veil traditions in Judaism and Christianity

  1. Anonymous says:

    You forgot the jewish scripture Apocrypha, where one finds the story of Susanna! Two men with high status as judges in the society started spying on her in her home because they happened to see she was very beautiful and they become filled with lust. Then they tried to force her into having sex with them and threathed her that if she refused they would accuse her for adultery with another man. When she still refused they brought her to court and then two verses goes like this:

    31: Now Susanna was a very delicate woman and beauteous to behold. 32: And these wicked men commanded to uncover her face (for she was covered) that they might be filled with her beauty.

    Susannas man, family and relatives where very uppset because of this order, but there is no evidence I´ve found that all Israelite jewish women of that time wore faceveils. So it seems to have been something women choosed to do as a extra integrity statement. There is however, scriptual evidence that the uncovering of a womans head was something rabbis did to shame them in cases of adultery. And also that if a woman took off her headcovering her man was told to divorce her. However cultural practises really DO change within religious communities. Just recently I read about a jewish man who took his wife to court in Israel to make the judges get her to take off the faceveil she had been starting to wear. They final decition of the judges was her man was to divorce her. It seems the hate towards muslims in general and arabs in particular is what give the faceveil it´s symbolic meaning to many people today. What kind of reasons the women starting wearing it have really doesen´t matter to all the people wanting to see it as a symbol of Islamic faith.

    But offcourse it can have many different meanings to many different women. What I´ve read about the new Ultra orthodox jewish womens movement in Israel; It was something about that they belived their Messiah would come and save them from the sinful/lustful society of today sooner the more modest they became. hence, they started wearing several layers of skirts, covered their upper hands, stopped wearing high heels and put on opaque faceveils. They continues doing this, even though their jewish community harrases them because they think they are arabs. Another thing I would like to tell is I have actually encountered christian women WANTING to wear faceveils in the west and even some doing this today(!) It is most often because they are assured that these are the last times, that are more sinful societies than ever before in human history. They belive that the faceveil will protect them in one way or another. However, now, when the hate towards the faceveil is so strong and widespread with the fear of Islam in this age and day, I wonder if this visual protection they seek is attainable in any other way than to hide away from the rest of the world in the woods. It´s quite bisarr, but it seems this level of visual security for women is not possible like it has been in the past. Up until medival times it was a very common sight with faceveils in the streets, even in the west. Nowadays, in many societies it makes a woman even more visable to be all covered than if she walks around in something highly sexually provocing. The woman all covered definitely gets more stares. This is quite absurd if you really think about it..

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