In 1916, in Vienna, the Austrian king presented his wife entirely veiled as shown

To understand the present, look at history

In 1916, in Vienna, Austria, the king presented his wife entirely veiled as shown  below.
The queen was entirely covered because as the queen she was not to be looked by any man.
She was sacred and precious. And other veiled women were in the entourage also. All our Muslim women are sacred and precious, like a queen.
Note: This photo is not photo-shopped or morphed.
Its video still exists (2:15)

great find, Shaykh. Jazak Allah khair.

Watch the historical video of this event at the following link

Not only the Queen, but many other women in the entourage also…. as in the video

See for yourself… seek and you will find.

Disclaimer : Just watch the video of Vienna, as a irrefutable historical proof,

for the commentary has some controversial and questionable points of view.

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2 Responses to In 1916, in Vienna, the Austrian king presented his wife entirely veiled as shown

  1. Such a nonsense! This picture was taken at emperor franz joseph’s funeral in 1916. The empress covers her face just for the funeral procession, as it is catholic tradition. after the ceremony she could show her face again – and did it, as the picture of the coronation in hungary shows. So please stop misinterpreting austrian traditions in such an ignorant way to proof that the islamic treatment of women is alright. Austrian emperors never were muslims and never forced anyone to cover their face!!!

  2. Abu Salman says:

    Thank you for the correction, for I had not confirmed the exact event. The point is only that Christians do cover their faces and wear a face veil at certain times and for certain ceremonies. As I mentioned in another post, an Evangelical Christan preacher and missionary from Missouri USA told me that his grandmother never went to church without a face veil.

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